Strawberry rhubarb champagne cocktail!


it’s time to reclaim the champagne cocktail, from the syrupy, insipid, cliche’ it has become.  This is springtime in a glass!

Begin by making a strawberry rhubarb syrup-

1 bag frozen strawberries(if you  have some just past perfect strawberries you can use them, dont waste strawberries at their peak of strawberryness for this.

4 stalks rhubarb, scrubbed and sliced up

2/3 cup sugar

Bring it to a boil and then simmer until all the fruit is disintegratingly soft.  While still hot, pout through a mesh sieve. Give it an occasional stir until all the liquid has passed through, if you notice it getting too thick as it sits(rhubarb is chock full of pectin, so it might) stir in some very hot water until its a pour able consistency. Set aside to cool.  To serve- pour about an ounce of your red syrup of sweet tart nirvana into a glass(for heavens sake not one of those coupe’s-  that’s  not enough fluid for a hamster and these are swiggingly good…) top up with cold sparkling wine. You can go pretty cheap for this, although you don’t want anything labelled as being very sweet.