Accordion potatoes

These delicious babies are sometimes(incorrectly) called rosti potatoes. The secret behind their tastiness is that the cutting part way through increases surface area, which increases crunch. Crunch is always a net positive.

So being with smallish potatoes- I favor Yukon gold’s but red skinned ones work too, although they will never crisp up quite like older spuds.  Lay your potato in the bowl of a wooden spoon, using a sharp knife make 5-6 vertical cuts. The bowl of the spoon will prevent you from slicing all the way through.   Toss with some olive oil- by far the best way to do this is with your hands.  Roast these puppies- they are flexible in that you can use a variety of temps and times. So work around your protein- if you are making a roast, they can go for 45 minutes at 350*  They could also do 30 minutes at 400*.  While they are piping hot- season with salt, pepper and microplaned garlic. Rosemary is good, too.

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