Intriguing and warming

I for one love comfort food. The air gets the slightest nip and I start braising, stewing and pot pieing.   There is a fine line between stodge and succor.  We are going to blast that line right off the playing field.

A food processor with a shredding blade makes this a snap- however, using a grater is hardly a hardship.  You will need:

red cabbage, carrots, apples,  (i’d start with 1/2 head of cabbage, 3 carrots and 1 apple)   1/2 bunch scallions, freshly grated ginger, a dollop of honey, balsamic reduction and a mild oil- I like walnut. Also nice to have is jicama, radishes, walnuts

This involves a lot of eyeballing-  Shred your veg and the apple. Immediately drizzle your white balsamic reduction. You are trying to protect the apple from browning.  Begin by adding finely minced ginger(the tool for this is a microplane grater) add oil a tablespoon at a time, as well as dashes of salt. TASTE. TASTE.TASTE. If you are using walnuts, or any nuts- add them prior to serving. This is all about the crunch and mealy walnuts have no  place here!

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