Whiskey punch for Carter and Anna


This could properly be called a switchel- slightly fermented alcoholic drink that is used to quench thirst when people are out in the heat. Most Switchel recipes are not very pleasant to modern palates, so this is a variation.  Lemons are a staple in our kitchens, but 100 years ago they were an expensive exotic fruit.  Anna is more likely to  have flavored  hers with mild  vinegar, made from apple cores.  Carter would tie a cord around the neck of the bottle and lower the bottle into a quickly moving stream to chill it. On the off chance that you dont have a swiftly moving creek in your kitchen, the fridge will work just fine.

1 cup of whiskey

2 cups of very strong black tea(use 4 tea bags for two cups of boiling water)

2/3 cup of honey. – you will really taste the honey here, so it’s worth it to sample different nice honeys- this is not the place for the plastic bear….

1 thinly sliced lemon

stir honey into the still hot tea.   Add a sliced lemon allow to cool to room temperature and stir whiskey in.  This is best served very cold when someone else is driving you home.


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