A picnic with friends!

Sunstrokes is available!!!  


To celebrate I’ve planned a picnic-perfect for the fourth of July. I’ve whipped up some of Hazel’s roast beef sandwiches, Meredith and Paolo brought Tiramisu parfaits, Dom and Heidi brought along a roasted potato salad. Carter and Anna contributed a whiskey punch-

I cannot suggest that you invest in some mason jars enough. Seriously. They are easy to pack, and can be used over and over again for all sorts of jobs.   they are breakable, but they are pretty darn sturdy, so as long as you don’t fling one onto the sidewalk you should be ok.   Buy some inexpensive dish towels to use as napkins- they are big, absorbent and add a touch of color.Those little wooden spoons can be found anywhere- Target and Jo Ann’s both carry them. Somehow taking  dirty cutlery home to wash seems like drudgery, I’m sure there is something profound in there about how spoiled I am, but I have been sampling the whiskey punch and cannot go there.

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