Swiss Meringue Buttercream Variations

Swiss meringue Butter cream frosting variations

 Add up to 1/12 cups melted semisweet, or dark chocolate- not unsweetened, unless you are giving it to very awful people that you hate. Let the chocolate cool a tiny bit before you add it to the frosting- it will be softer,  while its warm.  Just continue to beat like crazy. OR sift in ½ cup cocoa powder-

You can add drops of essential oil (any citrus is good, peppermint, cinnamon can be nice- the powdered spice will turn your frosting gritty… the main thing about essential oils is LITERALLY (and unlike some 20 somethings I know who work at the local pizzeria when I say LITERALLY I truly mean literally) add them a  drop at a time.  You can always add more, too much and you will turn your dazzling frosting into some sort of strongly flavored tooth paste.  Heartbreaking.

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