Calculating how much cake to make…


Calculating wedding cake batter- basic rule of thumb, round up….

ok, now we have a problem, most books that tell you how to make a wedding cake, assume a MUCH smaller portion than is reasonable.   So if you are using a different source, you may need to double the recipe to serve as many people as you want. Personally, unless you are hosting a whole dessert buffet, I think wedding cake is the appropriate dessert for a wedding. This cake is yummy.

To make a 6” cake  each layer will require 1 cup of batter. For Hazels wedding cake, you will need four layers of each size)

An 8# cake will require 1 and ⅔ cup of batter per layer.

a 10” cake will require two cups of batter.

A 12” cake will require 2 and 2/3

Now, weddings are an expensive proposition, so buy 1 pan each in your desired sizes.   You can bake cakes of different sizes at the same time- just put the smaller ones up front and watch them.  WE made 5 10” cakes ( i thought they would be birthday cakes, but presto chango!) We used 4 boxes of cake mix per cake. So that’s 20 boxes of high end cake mix which were about $1.50 each.  If you dont live in Alaska, it will be cheaper for you.  You will also need eggs, buttermilk, vegetable oil and butter, baking spray and parchment paper.  We also used citrus juice, zest and essential oils.  and a few drops of food coloring.  We made enough cake to serve 100 people. We decorated them with a few roses.  They were simple and luscious and of course the rainbow of fillings looked and tasted amazing.

For my own wedding i used the same cake recipe, but for the filling I added a healthy dollop (about ⅔ a cup of huckleberry jam to butter cream frosting to make the filling. i didn’t have a choice, it all started with those rascally blue  berries…  i thank God for them every day.

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