A Coral Cake for Hazel

Cake Picture Without question the prettiest cake you will ever see.  Its a tall cake-each “layer” consists of alternating thin layers of moist white cake and a citrus curd filling.  Since I adore Hazel we went for a rainbow affect. (you could use several layers of one filling) But combining different juices and zest ) and buttercream you can get a variety of colors and flavors. Since Lady Hazel prefers shades of coral we used  blood orange, ruby grapefruit and tangerine fillings.  I would recommend making all three of your fillings(or two, or four, or what have you) as you will want to compare their colors and perhaps jazz them up with a the tiniest bit of food coloring. You want the colors different enough that it doesn’t look as if you tried to make them match and didn’t quite succeed.  In cake baking as in life, confidence counts for a lot.

To make the grapefruit  filling:

You will need 1 cup of buttercream frosting(see index)

The juice of two grapefruits and the zest(zest them first)

Bring the juice to a boil and cook until its reduced by about half.   This is the (very very slightly tricky bit) while yoru syrup is still warmish(you can hold your finger in it easily) pour the warm juice unto the buttercream.  The warmth of the juice will open up the buttercream a wee bit and allow it absorb the juice.  Add 1 cup of sour cream- NOT straight out of the fridge- and ½ cup powdered sugar and 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil.. Beat like a madwoman. Soon you will have a  pale pink, luscious billowing sweet tart  filling.  Life is good. Set aside and do exactly the same thing with the tangerine(4 tangerines should be the right amount of juice and zest) and blood orange (2 should do it, but a 3rd wouldn’t be remiss.)  I highly recommend setting them in glass bowl next to each other so you can tweak the color.

Now- on your cardboard cake round- put a dollop of butter cream and one of your cake layers.
Filla piping bag with your filling and use your scissors to cut a large ish hole.  Pipe  the filling on in circles.  Add a cake layer. Continue in this fashion , ending with cake.  Now- should you desire you can leave it as is- those naked cakes are all the rage.  We however would rather leave a man behind on a battlefield then leave a cake unadorned.  So cover with your butter cream. Do a thin coat, stick the whole thing in the fridge and allow to chill and then add swirls of frosting.  

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