And to think it all began with Huckleberries….

I am Cass. I live in Alaska with my husband Killian. Life is sweet(and sexy) and I love to cook.

Welcome to the newest version of Casscooks. For those of you that have been with me since the beginning, a heartfelt thank you- there are no words, really. for those of you who are new, welcome. Look around, find a recipe, join the conversation.

The most important recipe of my life-seriously- it changed everything:

When is a Blueberry not a Blueberry?

It’s that time of year again when I sing the praises of your local farmers market. I mean it people, if you don’t support your local farmers, they won’t be there when you get tired of cookie cutter, under ripe, “more pretty looks-than-flavor” produce. One of the great things about visiting the farmers market is that you get to try varieties that you never ever see in supermarkets. You can find vegetables in unfamiliar colors—purple carrots anyone?—with delectable tastes. Everyone knows about REAL tomatoes, but seriously a melon that actually ripened in the sun is ambrosia. There are probably varieties local to you that are totally worth seeking out. Once you do a little culinary exploration, new opportunities will just appear before you. Case in point, my BFF Jen and I happened to be at my local market this morning as it was wrapping up. We had gone to get bouquets of basil and some interesting squashes. But cooking, like life itself, is a labyrinth, my dearies. Most of the time you go in for one thing and end up with another… The nose-ringed purveyor at one of the stands offered me a box of the biggest blueberries I have ever seen. Any labelling had long since fallen off. They were huge and a deep sultry navy blue. When I popped one in my mouth, the flavor was tart and intense. I swear you could taste the sun beaming onto their thick blue skins. The deliciousness was marred by the grit of the seeds between my molars. I’ve never had blue berries with such obvious seeds. Seeds aside, they were more than worth the trouble because they tasted like summer incarnate. I gave them a quick simmer with a handful of sugar and a strip of lemon rind. A quick blitz in the blender and a trip through my wire strainer and I had the most luscious blueberry syrup. EVER. Should you happen upon any of these unnamed behemoths I have some suggestions for you:


  1. Over pancakes. Booyah.


  1. Vanilla ice cream


  1. And most importantly—Muddle a mint leaf in a cocktail glass—I believe we both know where this is headed… ice… splash in our blue syrup of extreme yumminess and top up with rum. If you are inclined to garnish, and I am, add a lime wheel. Blueberry mojitos for all… You can thank me later.




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